Nisreen Mazzawi

Feminist activist and Anthropologist. Works for environmental social justice and for sexual tolerance in the Palestinian society in Israel. Promotes civil society projects in the areas of Human rights, gender equality, democracy education, and environmental education.
Started Blogging in 2008. For years the name of the blog was: Environmental-Social-Political-Economical-Feminist blog :) Recently I changed it to “SANASEL” which is the Arabic word for Terraces.

The Blog: Sanasel 

The blog is mainly written in Arabic. Easy, simple, direct and thus effective to reach intended audience.

I believe the knowledge I gain during the years can be effective when it is available and shared with others in simple way. Blogging is one way to do it. 

The articles in the blog are licensed under CreativeCommons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 United States License. Publication for commercial purposes must be done in coordination with the author.

The Cover Photo

The blog’s cover photo is of the Terraces of the Palestinian village Battir. The photo is taken by Abby Zimet. You can read more about the village Battir 
here and here.

Support the Blog

To support the Blog and help it go ahead, contribution from your side will be highly appreciated. Donation can be made by PalPay following the link.

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